Dice Drinking games

Drinking games with one or more dices!

Once in a while we all want a good time and for some of us that means getting a good party with dice and booze!

We get to loosen up and turn up the fun knob a notch higher. Drinking games are not always easy, but they are always wild, fun and special because they bring everyone involved together without holds or coldness. Are you in a confused spot thinking of a good dice game to spice up your party? We have put together five sure games to get your parry going and kicking hard. At the end you’ll see just Joe hard all the guys can ball. Just get a pair of dice, booze and fun seekers.

List with all the fun dice drinking games

1. Three man

Three man is a popular and beautiful game that has been around for decades now. It is simple and quite interesting to play. Get each player ready to shoot and test their luck and alcohol threshold.

To start, each player rolls one die until someone rolls a three. The player who rolls a three is called “The Three Man”

What each roll means:

  • If the dice totals “3” : Whoever rolls the three, I.E The Three Man, must take a drink. If The Three Man can also choose to pass the title to another player afterwards.
  • If the dice totals “7” / “11” : If the dice totals 7, the player to the right of whoever just rolled it must take a drink. But if the dice totals 1, the player to the left of the roller must take the drin
  • If the dice totals “9” : The player from across the player who currently has the dice must take a drink.
  • If the dice totals “10” : I’m the event of a 10, every player must take a drink.
  • When a 1 and a 4 is rolled, the player who rolls this becomes what is called “The Thumb Master”. The thumb master can place their thumb on the table at any point of the game and all other players must do the same also. The last player to put his or her thumb on the table must take a drink. The thumb master can only be replaced when someone else throws a 1 and 4.

2. Skull and Dice

fun dice drinking gamesA very famous and thrilling game, you have to be very much alert as the game is also very fast. The fast nature, the thrill and iconic nature of the game makes it a perfect choice for your dice party.

How to play the game:

There must be four players, and all of you must sit in a circle facing each other. You must have your dice in your hand and make sure that all players understand the scoring system and rules. This is important to avoid any complaints from the players if they fail. Also make sure to get enough booze to last the game, complete with mixers on deck. You should avoid using shots to play.

To begin, the host shouts “skull” and then each player has to drink whatever is before them. Each player then throws the dice in a clockwise turn.

Rules of the game

  • If a “1” or “6,” is rolled, the player that rolls it has to drink.
  • If a “2” or “4” is rolled, the player doesn’t have to drink anything and is safe at that time.
  • If a player rolls a “3”, the player must take two mouthfuls of drink and then roll again. If the player rolls another number for a drink, he or she must shout “skull” and every other player must take a drink Ttoo
  • If a player rolls a “5”, the player has to choose another player to drink. Time to get your enemy!

3. 7-11 Doubles

Although tricky at first, players will find this beautiful game very easy once they get the hang of it. A pint sized glass is placed at the center of a table and every player has to agree to the point a from which a marked line should be drawn on the glass. A pitcher of beer is then placed on the table for refilling the pint with ease.

How to play:

The object of the game is to select a person to drink the first pint before the other player can roll a 7, or 11, or a double on the dice. The first player who rolls the 7, or 11, or a double is the one to pick another player to drink the next pint of beer.

NB: The dice should be rolled on a board or a tray. Of the dice touches the table, the player who rolls it has to drink the pint. If the next player touches he dice before drinker touches the glass, he or she must instead take the drink.

4. 1-2-3.

This game is as easy as it’s name! The only thing you need is your beer, a pair of dice and willing fun seekers. All players must first agree on the maximum price of drink to be bought. The first person to roll 6 pucks the drink to be bought, and the second person to roll another 6 will buy the drink. The third person to roll another 6 also buys a drink. 

This goes on until you are all tired or careful of going broke.

5. 2 Dice

This is a beautiful game that can be played to open a party, or as a warm up game for the main events. It is very simple, fun and a total ice-breaker.

How to play

To play the game, take a drink or shot of any of the following happens after throwing the dice

  • If any combination comes up that adds up to 6 or that has a 6 in it.
  • If there are any double: 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s and 6s
  • If there are any doubles 3s or 6s: You must stake a large swig from your drink. And also a shot.
  • If the dice falls off the table at any point during the game, every player must take a shot.
  • Every player must understand the rules of the game before they play. 

Remember to be safe in your drinking, and be sure to call a taxi to take you home or get a sober friend to drive. 


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