Disney Drinking Games

Disney drinking games that are fun for all Disney fans!

You can play drinking games with Disney themes and get a max load of fun. Maybe you’re confused on the type of game to play, we have put together some beautiful games you can play simply, alone or with friends. Just get your booze ready and be sure to drink responsibly.

List of the funny Disney drinking games

Disney Hercules Game

Hercules was not just a son of Zeus, but he had the strength of a god and was so badass that his does feared him. If you’re a fan of Disney movies and Hercules is your favorite, you can booze up a movie time by following the rules below. 

  • Drink For Every Song: This is a soft beginning for you. You are sure of having a drink every 10 Minutes, following the Disney format of movies. 
  • Drink Any Time Hercules is Called Jerk-ules: Although this is only at the beginning, you are sure of taking that drink after all.
  • Drink For Every Punch: Surprisingly, there are few punches in this movie. Most of the battles are fought eit swords, magic and throwing weapons. So you get to have very few drinks on this rule.
  • Drink Every Time Hercules & Pegasus Konk Their Heads Together: Well, find out for yourself just how much this happens.
  • Drink each moment Hades’ Flames becomes bright Red! Drink for every reference you may not have understood as a young child: As soon as you understand a name or expression you always mistook, take a drink and have a good laugh over it.
  • Drink every time the hydra grows a new head: You get to drink every minutes! The Hydra keep growing a new biggie.
  • Drink anytime the muses swing their hips

Be sure to keep your drinking within the limit you can handle and make sure you don’t drive out for any reason soon after.


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