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3 fun drinking games to get drunk with fast

Every party has an amazing story behind the guy who made a mess after drinking. There are most embarrassing moments that would make you be ‘That person’ who made fun of himself/herself in a party. The best way to avoid all these embarrassments is by getting drunk faster and crashing at the bed. But if you wish to play games after drinking which will be more exciting to reveal the secrets in the subconscious mind of a person, then you can go on. The trick lies in getting drunk faster to involve in a fun game. In this post, you can learn various games that should be played to get drunk faster. These tips are useful for both party hosts and people who are going to attend their parties for the first time. 

Why should you get drunk fast?

Drinking should be done fast to prevent your health. Yes, drinking alcohol or any form of alcohol consumption throughout the party night or day can cause severe health damages. A hangover can be the best thing that will kill you after the party but slow drinking for a longer period of time can make it even worse. Drinking alcohol slowly can act as a slow poison to the body functioning. Drinking can be fun at parties but it should not take a stake on your health. 

Drinking games to get drunk fast in a party

Obviously, there are no parties without games and fun that waits next. There are many games that are played exclusively on parties to make more fun. If you are going to throw a party that comprises adults, then it is very important to choose perfect games so that the host will not be tagged as a ‘Boring party organizer’. Following are the reasons that you should include games in your parties

King’s cup

If you are new to this game, it might look complex at first, but certainly not. The game involves the cards which make the game more interesting, fun and to drink. The basic requirements for this game include a deck of cards with no jokers, one disposable plastic cup, and drinks. You can make it even spicier by choosing different drinks depending on the person. The main purpose of this game is to make everyone playing the game to get drunk faster. 

How to set-up the game? 

KINGS CUPThe game set-up is pretty simple. Take the disposable cup and place it in the center with people playing it around. Now depending on the number of the person playing the game, place the deck of cards surrounding the cup. Make sure the cards surround the cup forming a circle and your friends also facing each other forming a circle. This game is to make everyone drink depending on the card he/she takes. Following are the rules of drinking depending on the type of card chosen by the players. 

  • King: If a player chooses a king, then you can pour your drink into the cup placed at the center which is drunk by the fourth person who takes a card of King. Whoever draws the king forth, have to drink that alcohol placed by you. 
  • Queen: This is the most fun card by which you can ask the craziest and funniest questions pointing to a person. If someone answers the question, then the person who fails to answer have to drink. 
  • Jack: Jack rules all, Yes, the person who chooses jack are free t set new rules to the players. You can ask the players to do silliest and stupidest things as they have to obey the rules. 
  • Ace: If someone picks ace, then everyone playing the game has to drink. 
  • Two: It’s the turn off the party host to make someone in the gang to drink. The host has to choose others and not him/her. This can be made funnier by choosing a person who doesn’t drink too much. 
  • Three: If any person draws three, then the host gets to drink. 
  • Four: Four means floor, everyone has to touch the ground at once. The person who touches last has to drink. 
  • Five: Five means all guys in the players have to drink.
  • Six: Six means chicks that refer to all the ladies in the group to drink at a time. 
  • Seven: The seven refers to heaven and everyone in the game has to point their hands to ceiling instantly. The person who does it last has to drink.  
  • Eight: The person who gets eight has to choose a mate and both have to drink together at every drink by the person chosen. 
  • Nine: Nine is rhyme and the person who is standing to the left of the person who took nine should tell a rhyming word said by the nine taken person. If not, he has to drink. 
  • Ten: A person has to pick up a category say animals. All the players should animals faster and if any animal repeats then the person who said it as repeated has to drink.

These are some of the fun rules and you are free to change if you think even crazier.

Beer pong

This game will also make everyone at the party get drunk faster. It is a simple game where you have to place a set of plastic ball cups for two groups. The players from both sides have to play ping pong and if the ball drops into any of the cups, then it is considered a success. The player at other end has to drink and it is the most fun game ever. 

Watch and drink

This is the fun game where everybody in the party can gulp the drink at once. You can play a video from any device like shows or something. Choose a word that the speaker in the video repeats as her mannerism. All the people in the crown have to drink when the word is said in the video. 

All these games are intended to get drunk faster. But it is important to take alcohol in limited amounts. Party must be fun but it should not cause health issues to your friends. It is important that the party host chooses the drink that contains less alcohol and arranging food which must not be skipped after getting drunk. When your stomach says stop, it is better to stop drinking and just enjoy the game your friends are playing. Because you do not want to be the guy or girl who threw up or pass out in a party full of friends and strangers.  

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