Halloween Drinking Games

Halloween Drinking Games for all!

If you’ve booked your stag party for the Halloween weekend then you are in for a treat because halloween offers the opportunity to play some unique stag party drinking games. As a child, the main goal was to collect as much candy as physically possible in our kick-ass costumes and then trade them among one another until our candy collection consisted of only the good stuff, but as we get older, Halloween is a holiday that is still very much looked forward to but just not for the same reasons. 

List with the most fun Halloween Drinking Games

During our twenties, Halloween is a time to dress in a costume that makes us feel confident and drink to our hearts desire and it doesn’t matter whether you’re pre-gaming before the bar or you decide to throw a Halloween party at home, below are some fun Halloween drinking games that you’ll definitely want to try out this coming Halloween:

“Boozing” for Apples

This game is fun and it’s the adult version of bobbing for apples. There are two ways to play this game. If you feel particularly lazy, just add apples and small liquor bottles and make the players push past the apples to pick up a bottle. The best way to play this game, however, is to dig a hole into each apple and insert the liquor shot so that the player has no clue what they will be getting.

Bobbing for Spirits 

It’s quite similar to boozing for apples, there is no need to go to in depth for the explanation of this game. Fill up a big bowl with water and throw in some apples and some mini bottles of spirits. Then it is time to go bobbing for spirits!

Name That Bone

In order to play this game, you will need a Halloween skeleton, preferably one that contains most if not all of the bones. And one by one, starting from the skull to the toes, players must guess the name of the particular bone, and if they can’t, they must drink. Those that can, will dish out a drink to someone else and if there are no medical experts at the party, a quick google search will suffice.

Horror Movie Drinking Game

There will be lots of horror movies on Halloween weekend, so why not play the Horror Movie drinking game which is very simple to play. The rule is to drink a shot anytime someone says “I’ll be right back” or runs upstairs and not out the door towards safety. You can also add your own rules along to the game to make it a little more interesting.

Monster Mash

As adults, we should be well able to count but after a few beers and shots it does tend to get a little more difficult. All the lads are to sit in a circle and start counting. On numbers divisible by 3 you are to say ‘Monster’ and on numbers divisible by 5, you are to say ‘Mash. For instance…1…2…Monster…4…Mash…Monsters…7… and whoever makes a mistake has to take a shot!

Boring Costume “Bingo”

Whether it is at a bar, or as guests in a party, this game can be played anywhere. The game is played all through the night as people enter the party (or the bar). If someone is seen or comes in with a stereotypical costume such as a bunny, sexy nerd, prisoner, cat, or ghost, then everyone has to drink except the person who pointed the costume out.

Dead Celebrity

This in a nutshell consists of 21 questions with a drinking problem. You will choose a Dead celebrity for this stag party drinking game and it has to be a dead celebrity with Halloween and all. Then its over to the lads to ask questions to determine who the Dead celebrity is. You can only answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

After every 4 questions everyone takes a drink and whoever guesses correctly can then nominate someone to drink a shot.

Circle of Death “by Pumpkin”

Everyone that routinely plays drinking games has probably heard of or has played Circle of Death. Circle of Death is a drinking game that gives every numbered card, including jack, queen, king, and ace, a function to perform. In the traditional game, the cards are placed under the tab of a beer can and the first person to pop it drinks the entire beer. But in this version, a strong and off-putting concoction is poured inside a plastic pumpkin, and when someone draws a specific cards such as 6 or 10, they have to take a sip from the pumpkin. The last person to pick a card has to drink the remnants of the concoction. 

“Liq-Or-Treat” Shots

For this game, a person (ideally someone who isn’t participating) pours a line or treat shots and a line of trick shots when none of the players is watching. The treat shots would contain liquor or liquor mixes that are pleasant such as Bailey’s, Fireball, and vodka mixed with soda or juice while in the trick shots, there should be hard-core liquor such as gin, whiskey, tequila, and vodka without mixers. Each person will flip a coin and if it lands on heads, they pick a treat shot but if it lands on tails, they pick a trick shot.

“Eyeball” Beer Pong

 For those who are lazy, this is the perfect game for you. All it entails is gluing (or drawing with sharpie) eyeballs onto a plain white ping pong ball. Once the eyeballs are complete, they will be used as the balls in beer pong. To get even more in the spirit, use the red Halloween punch in the cups instead of water or beer.


To play this game, all you will need is a generous stock of toilet paper and teams of two or three. When the teams are evenly distributed, they are all given a roll of toilet paper, one or two people from the team will be the wrappers and the other person has to be the mummy. Someone in the group must serve as the judge, and the team that wraps their mummy the fastest is the winner and the winners get to watch as the losers chug the rest of their drinks.

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