Lion King Drinking games

LION KING DRINKING GAME for all fans of the famous Disney movie

This game involves drinking as other drinking games in which while one is watching a movie, one has to drink according to the games below according to choices. Remember, one has to drink responsibly to avoid drinking misconduct.

The movie: Simba, the future king and the lion cub are searching for the identity of the lion. He has a penchant for stretching beyond his boundaries. He also is very eager to please others and these traits gets him into trouble more than a couple of times. 

The lion king even though it is a children’s movie, the lion king drinking game obviously is not for kids, except they are drinking juices. The drinking game makes the movie all the more fun and makes the movie more than a children’s movie. It becomes a movie for adults too, putting aside the fact that the movie is a total classic as the whole world would agree, nearly the whole world. This is also a way to bring your favourite childhood memories into adulthood. Who would want to miss that chance, eh? 

One has to take one drink:

  • Whenever any animal pun is made.
  • Whenever the word ‘Mufasa’ is said.
  • Whenever Nala displays her superiority in athletics.
  • Whenever a body of water gets in the frame
  • Whenever any new song from the soundtrack that is critically acclaimed is sang.

One has to drink twice:

  • Whoever can spell out all the lyrics or the African shout sounds to any of the new song from the soundtrack that is critically acclaimed.
  • Whenever Pumbaa and Timon tells any jokes.
  • Whenever there a song comes on.
  • Whenever Pumbaa and Timon does a bromance moment out.
  • Whenever Zazu does something annoying.
  • Whenever one hears ‘Hakuna Matata’.
  • Whenever Simba is shown up by Nala.
  • Whenever Zazu says something annoying.

Finish your drink:

  • When Mufasa dies.

Pour out a drink for your homie or partner:

  • When Mufasa dies.
  • Whenever a song you all like starts.

If the pain from the death of Mufasa gets too much for you, finish your drink and pour out some more. 

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