Netflix Drinking games

Netflix drinking games that are fun for everyone!

A night out or even a day spent with booze and Netflix is a day well spent. You can mix the pleasure of booze and the satisfaction of a good movie. Below, we most some drinking games you can okay with your favorite movies and maximize your satisfaction. Do be careful, movies are make believe but the booze you take is real.

List of most funny Netflix Drinking games

Drinking game: The Shawshank redemption drinking game

In the 1994 movie, two male prisoners develop a bond over some years and then find solace and redemption via their common decent acts.

The drinking game based on this movie can be played by one person, or played by a number of people. The aim is to get drunk and you must take a drink if someone is injured or killed at any point in the movie. 


  • Netflix
  • Your favorite alcohol
  • Drinking cups

How to play

You have one drink if


Insults or beat someone, and two if he kills someone

You take two drinks if:


Buys something for red, or mentions his wife, or plays a record. Also, if he is in a car, or his sister polishes Norton’s shoes.

Red: Pronounces the word “institutionalized”, or he is addressed by his name in full, or is present at parole hearing. Also, if he loses a bet, or he eats an apple pie.

Haywood: Reads “The Count of Monte Crisco”, or sings a song, or he clears up horse dung.

Brooks: Gets violent, or is seen with Jake. 

Norton: Recites scripture, or swears. Also if he believes that a bribe is in Obtuse.

Anyone: Carves his name, or play checkers watched through a movie. 

Chug your dink if:

Andy: Claims to someone to very innocent, or rips off his clothe, or walks into life and see!

One you’re drunk, it is probably time to call the game off. Please never do the mistake of driving after being drunk.

Just finish your drink and go to bed or call an Uber to get you home. 

Drinking game: Inception

In this 2010 movie, a very skilled extractor is given the chance to begin anew his old life as payment for a task that 


  • A drink

Drink Whenever: Anyone goes a world more than ever, or a character wakes up, or when a new rule is explained. Also, when the rules of physics are broken, or someone says a particular thing is impossible. You could also take a drink twice if a city rolls like a carpet, every time Marion Cotillard is mysterious and also, if a character successfully plants an idea in someone’s head, then just finish your drink. 

A night of Netflix and booze is sure, and when you’re done, remember to call an Uber to get you home!

Drinking game City of God

In this beautiful thriller, two growing boys live in a very violent Rio de Janeiro neighborhood and end up taking two different paths.

One becomes a a celebrated photographer and the other becomes a drug Baron.


  • Your favorite alcohol
  • Your best pally

How to play

Take a sip if:

You hear a gunshot (there are lots of gunshots, so be careful)

Take a drink if:

You see someone snorting cocaine

Each time you hear a 70s song and dance to it

Take a Shot if:

You find any useful information on the true story the movie is based on.

Drinking game: The Matrix Reloaded

This alternate world/ sci-fi movie is about a hacker who learns about the reality of life from a group of mysterious soldiers who are in rebellion. He also learns of his role in the whole fight and what is expected of him to conquer.


A good drink


A buddy

How to play

Down a cup if:

  • Someone calls an agent up
  • Someone enters or leaves the Matrix
  • An agent takes over a body
  • Anybody defies the laws of gravity within the Matrix

Drink a full shot if:

  • Neo slows a bullet
  • Each time the green computer symbols show up
  • Morpheus smiles

Take a shot of:

Neo fights

Anderson shoots

Morpheus flies

Chug your drink if:

  • The Oracle comes in

Remember to call an Uber to your house if you are drunk, or just pass the time at your buddie’s house.

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