Other ways to get drunk fast than drinking games

Want to get drunk at a party real fast- try these 3 ways

Parties are so fun to attend. By the time you reach your puberty, you get that strong feeling to explore more. And by the time you are 20 years old, the party animal rushes inside you. You work all day long, making projects, doing your job, completing your assignments which were given in the classes, and what not? So how come a so busy person wouldn’t like to be treated well? This type of people requires to lose themselves up a  bit and take their life up a notch. Whatever and however you work, there is always one part of you that wants to feel tension-free for once and enjoy yourselves. 

All of the frustration comes out at once when you are with your friends at a pub or at a house party, you are eating and drinking while talking and sharing about what is going on in each others’ lives. It is so refreshing and nice to feel happy for some time.

Getting drunk without drinking games?

Well, you re at a crazy party and you are all sober, where is the fun in that? To loosen up is to feel free and happy. Getting drunk is the best way actually. There are some events or parties where you might want to get drunk faster than usual. The only factor that makes you feel this way is to take a break from your schedule and enjoy yourself. 

So here are the 3 ways to get drunk fast at a party listed down for you,

1. Choosing the correct drink for yourself: Every drink has its own alcohol content and effects. Some are light drinks while some are hard. The effect of them over you also differs according to their quantities and qualities.

  • Alcohol content – Always look for the alcohol contents in the drinks. Beers, hard drinks, and ciders each have a different level and percentage of alcohol in them. Choose the ones that have a higher alcohol content to be drunk. It is written on the side of every bottle. If you check, you will find that beers have a percentage ranging from 11% to 18%. Beers do not act that much so if you take a lot of bottles, you will definitely get drunk.
  • Diet spirits with liquor – When the spirit is mixed with diet soda or mixers, they make a huge difference. The body does not recognize diet soda as a food making the alcohol absorb quickly.
  • Bubbly drinks – Spritzers and champagne are the best bubbly drinks that make you drunk faster, especially when they are mixed with tonic water.
  • Hard liquors – These as the name suggests make more effects as the alcohol content is much higher in these. Vodka, rum, whiskey and etc. have a higher concentration of alcohol in them

2. Drinking and eating respectively: It is another way to be drunk as the food intake does has a mark on the drinking.

  • Eating before drinking – Always eat some amount of light food before you start drinking because drinking on an empty stomach is very dangerous. It may cause nausea and digestive problems. A light salad, pasta, or a sandwich is best for the same. So make sure you eat something or else you will get sick quickly.
  • Relax and drink – Never stress your levels of drinking and also never stress yourself up too. When there is high stress or tension over you, it might slow down the toxication. Stressfulness causes less absorption of alcohol in the body. Always keep your mind calm and your body relaxed when you start drinking. The mind then focuses on your stress issues rather than alcohol.
  • Being in a group – Drinking with friends makes us drink fast. Because while sitting in a  group, a bottle will finish earlier compared to when you drink alone. So, it builds up an urge to order more drinks because the table seems empty very soon. And also, when your company is friendly and good, you enjoy more.
  • The right glass – Choose a fluted or curved glass. A straight glass will show the halfway point, unlike the curved ones. So as you will find it difficult to measure the halfway point, you will drink more as you will think that the drink inside the glass was poured less. 

3. Precautionary measures: Taking precautions is a basic need for anybody who wants to get drunk fast. 

  • Your limits – Even though you might think that drinking more will get you dizzier, it will still cause you problems with health. Every single person has their own drinking limits. Some have three bottles while some have three glasses as their limit. Keeping inside your control comes first. If you want to get drunk faster, choose a high alcohol content drink rather than drinking a lot of glasses of light alcohol containing drink. 
  • Empty stomach – As mentioned above, always eat something before you drink or else you will get ill. It all depends upon the absorption capacity of your body, but still to be drinking in an empty stomach is dangerous.
  • Medications – Certain medicines interfere with the effect of alcohol. So if you are under any type of medications, first of all, check whether it has any interaction property with alcohol or not. If they do have the ability to interact and react with the alcohol, as per the chemistry’s proof, a chemical reaction will happen that will cut down or eliminate alcohol inside your body. So, the body’s absorption ability of alcohol will decrease at a great amount.
  • Choosing moderation – It is best to stick to some drinks, maybe one or two and not more than that. Because if you do so, you will get sick faster rather than getting drunk.  So when you are attending an event or a party, make sure you are not moving here and there with the liquor options available there.

To sum it up, these techniques/methods mentioned above will help you to get drunk faster at a party. 

Well that is it for now folks! Take a look at some fun drinking games here.

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