Outdoor Drinking games

Having an outdoor party can be so much fun especially when the weather is great and convenient. To further increase the fun and entertainment, you can have drinking games that will spice up your outdoor party. If you are at crossroads on the type of drinking games to play at your party, then you are at the right place. We have put together five simple and beautiful games you can play with friends and have fun. Just get your booze, and some fun-loving friends and you are good to go. Remember to be responsible in your drinking and make adequate plans for your transport just in the event that you get too drunk to drive.

List with the most fun outdoor drinking games

Drunk Waiter:

What do you expect when you add booze to a picnic game from childhood? Of course, it would be very funny and ridiculously entertaining. Drunk waiter is just that. To begin playing, take a spin around while holding something above your head and keep spinning. Do not stop until you have counted to 10, to make sure you lose your balance. Once you drop, immediately grab a tray of drinks and run to the predetermined finished line. The objective of this game is to show that you can avoid collapsing into a dizzy heap, or avoid spoiling the tray. The success rate for this game depends on stamina and endurance and it is a most humbling game, usually, as every player would most probably go down eventually. To make the fun even more, you can spice it up with a drink at the beginning and also make every loser take a cup of alcohol once they lose. Imagine the fun of laughing and falling when getting drunk. Play safely, be sure to play the game in a sandy or grassy place that is open and free of obstacles. Also be sure to fill the cups on the tray with water


Stump is widely regarded as one of the riskiest drinking games bit it doesn’t reduce the fun! The game was inspired by a German and became popular in New England frat houses. 

How to play

The players all surround a stump, and everyone is assigned a nail. The hammer is then passed around and when it gets to a player’s turn, he or she must flip it and then hit an opponent’s nail. A mistake wither by pausing, or missing a nail means that the player involved will take a drink. Stump is a daring but fun-rewarding game that can be played outdoors and should be carefully planned. To reduce the risk, you can use plastic of foam hammers and treat it like a sledge!

Polish horseshoes:

An outdoor game based on Frisbee, this game requires a certain level of expertise in the game. Polish horseshoes is a truly simple game that can be regarded as an upgrade of an older game for adults.

How to Play

Two teams compete against each other and try to knock down an empty beer bottle balances atop a pole belonging to the other team. The goal is to hit the bottle with a Frisbee.

Hitting the bottle with the Frisbee earns the teams three points and hitting the pole and knocking down the bottle earns the team two points. Hitting the pole without shaking the bottle earns the team only one point.

The goal of the game is to be this first to reach a predetermined 11 or 21 points. While shooting, the opposing team can try to intercept the Frisbee, but are allowed to use one hand only. The other hand must be holding a beer at all times, with the players taking constant sips from it. If the beer finishes, it should be replaced.

Bocce Ball

Bocce ball has a long history of being invented by Romans. This is probably why it is such an appealing game. The objective of the game is to recover as many of the team’s balls that are close to the target ball (called a pallino) as possible.


  • One point is awarded for each ball that is nearer to the Pallina than the closest ball of the opposing team.
  • As the points keep adding up, the first team to get to 16 points is declared the winner. The loser must then drink some cups of alcohol and the game is repeated.

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