Super Smash Bros Drinking games

Super Smash bros drinking games involves drinking just like other drinking games whereby while playing the video game, he or she has to drink according to the game rules stated below. Remember, one has to drink responsibly.

This Super Smash Bros is a game that would give you extreme pleasure by combining the fun part of the game, the drinking part and the competitive part of the game. It is played as most other video games by having to kill the opposing characters before they get to kill you and as usual, try not to run out of lives. Listed below are some of the twists added to the Smash Bros to make it more fun. 

How to play the Super Smash Bros Drinking game!

To play this game, you would need:

The drinks, Nintendo 64 console, four Nintendo 64 controllers, and a super smash bro 64

How to play:

You would need to launch the Super Smash Bros that is in your Nintendo 64 console. Then you would need to set the game to the stock of your choice (most people would prefer and recommend the 3 – 5 stock). Next, you would need to choose your characters and the maps. Also ensure to enable the home run bat, the bumpers, the invincibility star, the poke ball and the bomb – ombs and then you have to get the drinks reaaddyyy. 

One has to take a drink anytime one:

  • Loses a life
  • Has a goldeen in their poke ball.
  • Suicides ones characters.
  • Gets hit by a bomb-omb.
  • Gets hit by or hits a bumper.

Every one drinks in honour of someone if the name of the person’s character is chanted because they are vanquishing.

Everyone drinks once if a player gets invincibility star (except that player who got it). That player who got the invincibility star can also use the ‘R’ to throw other characters off of the map.

At the end of each game, each player has to give out drinks to the other players as much as the number of times they had a kill during the game. 

Furthermore, the loser of the game would have to throw away the empty cans of drinks, and refill the drinks of other players.

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