Why are drinking games so fun?

Why are Drinking games so fun? Learning the methods of playing them

Drinking games are really fun to play when there are friends around. Just a few shots and everybody are in the mood to slay the platform. Whether it’s a party or a get-together, certain drinking games are sure to get the temperature soaring and keep the energy levels up. It is just up to the fun aspect of the game that makes the atmosphere so much fun. One can totally brighten up a dull party perhaps with the help of certain drinking games. Therefore, along with some good music, conversations and dancing, drinking games to add color to a specific party. Some of the top drinking games can be found around the web like a site as this site.

What sort of drinking games bring in the element of fun?

drinking games and element of funDrinking games have the element of fun within them. It initiates the individuals to come forth and do something interesting depending on the nature of the gameplay. Additionally, there are lots of drinking games that are played at college parties and others and there are no limits to the number of players in it. Therefore, some of the most exciting drinking games that make everybody have a good time at the party are as follows:

  • Playing the kings drinking cup. This game is played with the help of cards. An individual has to pick up a card and whatever action is written on it, must be exactly enacted. The action could be anything and after the performance is over, one must drink a shot of the glass.
  • Never have I ever. This is one of the best drinking games that are played at every college and house party. Basically, there has to be a large group of people to start the game. This is mainly a secret game which interestingly brings out many things. While a secret is being told if an individual happens to commit that very thing, he or she must drink from the cup. Any situation can be put forward and this enables to make the evening very much embarrassing and fun at the same time.
  • The Drunk Jenga Game. While Jenga is a favorite game for many out there, playing it as drinking game adds to the fun element even more. Basically, a Jenga consists of 54 blocks. One must pick up one block among the pile and place it right on top. If the entire Jenga pile falls, then one must drink from the cup. If it is able to balance itself, then one must not drink. At the most two blocks can be picked up. If both the blocks are balanced, then it’s a complete win; and if it falls, then start drinking.
  • Thumps up. This game is very exciting as well. Basically, if one is aware of the drink and guess game, then this is exactly the same. There would be two opponents. One opponent must pick up an individual from the other opponent and whisper something in his or her ears. The individual must enact the very same thing that has been told. If the guess is right, then that’s a victory. If the guess is wrong, then take a sip from the cup. At most two chances can be given to each team, failing which; the team must drink to their defeat.
  • Playing the straight face. Usually for playing this game, one has to be completely drunk. There are small chits onto which certain lines are written. These lines have to be funny enough. An individual has to then pick up a chit. He or she must read aloud the entire chit while keeping a straight face. If anyone among the group giggles, then he or she must drink. The main aim is not to laugh and have a straight face throughout the game.
  • The cup flip. This is one of the best drinking games to start any party. Basically, there are two opposing teams who are competing against each other. There would be one from each team who would start the game. One must finish all the drinks first and then flip all the cups just with the help of one hand. The team, who is able to complete it first, wins the game. The losing team has to drink up again.
  • why are drinking games so funThe buzz drinking game. This game is one of the easiest of the drinking games ever played. Basically, there would be two players who would start counting all the numbers. One must remember that number 7 must not be said and all its multiples as well. In place of 7 and its multiples, the word buzz must be said. If by mistake, 7 or any of its multiples are said, he or she must take a drink from the cup. This game also makes the player much more attentive throughout.
  • Drink to the most likely. This game raises the atmosphere of the party. A comparatively large group is required to play the game. One can as any question for that matter- for example, who is that person who would love to shop all the time? Among the group, all the individuals have to point to that one person who is likely to fit in with the statement. The person, who gets the maximum votes, has to drink.
  • Pick the bag. Another fun drinking game, pick the bag tells all individuals to pick up a bag that is lying on the ground, only with the use of the mouth. If one uses his hands by mistake, then he or she has to drink.
  • Attach. This game is the show stopper of all drinking games. Basically, pairs come forward and pick up two hits. In those chits, different body parts are written. Both of them have to attach those body parts together for at least 3 minutes. If the pair fails to stick to each other, they have to take a shot.

If you are looking for a bigger list of some of the greatest and most funny drinking games you can take a look at wiki.

Basically, all of the drinking games add to the fun element and this gives all parties that extra edge to feel free and enjoy.

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